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Cardboard Sheets


Schiele is committed to the environment and follow processes that can help you reduce your carbon footprint; helping the world and your bottom line at the same time.

Sustainably Sourced Substrates

Today's customers want and demand social responsible partners and vendors. Schiele can help you harvest that goodwill with substrates made out of recycled materials and that are recyclable at end of use.

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On Demand

Our technology and print-on-demand services allow us to print the exact quantities you need, which saves you excess printing costs and reduces waste.

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Eco-Friendly UV Inks

We proudly use ultraviolet (UV) ink in many of our projects. Unlike solvent-based ink, printing with UV ink keeps harmful toxins out of the air and dries instantly. Additionally, UV ink easily absorbs onto a variety of surfaces and is incredibly resilient, resulting in durable, high-quality printed products.


Waste Not

We are committed to sourcing as much recycled and eco-friendly paper and supplies as possible, so that we can do our part to reduce landfill waste. Schiele works very hard to reuse, reduce and repurpose. Much of the waste generated at our plants is recycled to live another day.



Want to boast about being an Eco Friendly company? Learn about the best substrates for retail use and what they are used for in our whitepaper!

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