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5 Reasons Why Print Is Important Even in the Digital Age of 2020

There is certainly no doubt that we’re living in a digital world where ever-changing technology and social media rule. So where exactly does this leave the printing industry? It leaves them still going strong! Believe it or not, print is still more important than ever and here are five important reasons why...

1. Flexible Nature of Print

One of the main aims of digital marketing is for the customer to consume their message instantly whether that be in the form of a tweet, paid social media, or email campaign. While this can be an effective way of communication, it doesn’t offer the longevity you get with print and printed collateral. If you hand someone a printed brochure, they can take it with them and read it at their own leisure, whenever and wherever they want. It can also be around longer in their workplace, car or home rather than a quick flash of social media. The flexibility that print offers your customers is a big pro!

2. Creating a Memorable Experience

The fact your customer can actually ‘hold’ print is imperative. "A sense seemingly so simple that its influence is often overlooked, but when it comes to brands and print marketing touch has the power to make decisions, change emotions and summon memories” (Sappi). We’re living in the digital age, so print isn’t as common as it once was. The key is to design your print materials to reflect your brand & company message, which will help you stand out and make your marketing effective. There is something about holding a physical product that creates a deeper connection and we want to take advantage of that when marketing!

3. Not Everyone is Online

We know online marketing is a key method for most people in this day and age but it’s important to take into consideration that not everyone is online or may not have the capabilities to get online and navigate to multiple platforms. Print is a reliable way to reach your entire customer base, so it’s worth using both print and digital for your marketing campaigns.

4. Back to Basics

One of the biggest problems of digital marketing is that it is constantly cluttering your inbox on a daily basis. Although this method can be a good move if your audience is engaged, it can be extremely difficult for your company to stand out from competitors. In fact, businesses are relying on digital marketing so much that they’re forgetting print, so this is a great opportunity to stand out from the crown and go back to basics & utilize print marketing.

5. A for Effort

These days print marketing can give off the impression that your company is professional and will go the extra mile. In a world obsessed with digital, print can be innovative and show quality which gives your company credibility.

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