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Revolutionizing Green Marketing: Schiele’s Investments Slash Waste and Costs

Schiele’s investments are friendly for the environment and friendly for your budget.

Schiele is committed to continually minimizing its environmental footprint through proactive investments. While recycling has been a longstanding practice for us, this year marks significant progress in our sustainability efforts. By reducing both our consumption and purchasing, we've taken substantial steps towards lessening our impact. We're proud to offer our clients a genuine sustainable alternative to traditional printing methods.

According to a recent survey, marketers confessed that 25% of their marketing literature goes unused. Why the excess? The steep fixed costs associated with setting up a conventional printing press are to blame. As the volume of pieces ordered increases, the per-piece cost decreases. Fearing the repercussions of underordering and facing the high penalty of needing additional pieces, marketers often opt to overbuy as a precautionary measure.

Embrace the principle of ordering only what you need. Modern inkjet presses, such as our two Fuji J models, have revolutionized printing by eliminating setup time and waste while delivering quality that is comparable to conventional presses.

For companies aiming to make a tangible and beneficial difference for the environment through their marketing efforts, our new inkjet presses enable them to create highly personalized, data driven mailing campaigns, with greater response rates, while using less print. Inkjet presses offer you the minimal waste and setup expenses, making them ideal for on-demand or just-in-time printing. Gone are the days of storing excess marketing materials in closets or warehouses.

Schiele’s new Inkjet presses are a win-win for your budget and our environment!

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