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5 Reasons to Consider a Product Packaging Redesign

Packaging is arguably the most important part of your business, especially when your business is physical products. Packaging is the first touch you have with your consumer and leaves the first impression of your brand and it can be the deciding factor on whether your item is purchased or not. In today’s design-focused environment, customers place value on the quality of your product by what it is packaged in. If you want your product to stand out, you have to have packaging that stands out.

How often considering new packaging differs across industries and each business but we can at least cover common indicators. Here are the top 5 reasons to consider a product packaging redesign:

1. Outdated Product Packaging Design.

Design trends come and go and it’s important to stay current to maximize your marketing efforts. It is no secret that people follow trends and are easily influenced by what’s “in”, so why not take advantage of that with your own design? A study on recognition done by students at the University of New Hampshire showed that between a brand who used a trending pattern on their packaging and a brand who used a plain white design, the trending packaging performed 72% better on the shelves. Amazing!

Consider when your product design was created. If it is years old, it definitely needs an upgrade. Compare your design to the current trends or most popular brands in your industry to see where you stand.

2. Company Rebranding

It’s a trend in business lately to rebrand from the ground up. It’s usually the legacy brands which have been around for decades who change to a more contemporary branding to reflect the modern times. Others change their logos and other company visuals to reflect a change in direction. Whatever your reason may be, don’t forget to update your packaging. It’s important to make the design consistent with your own brand’s new aesthetic!

3. PR Crisis and Recovery

Public relations nightmares can happen even to the best of us. Especially in today’s world when customer interaction happens almost immediately through social media. It may take a while to recover from the effect of this negative publicity so rebranding might be a great idea to help!

Changing your branding designs can show that you are trying to improve and move on, which tells your audience you are making an effort.

4. Budget Constraints

Most business experiences financial problems, especially given what a rough year 2020 was with the pandemic. On top of that, some product packaging can be costly. You may find that a small redesign can save you costs in the long run. Try simplifying your colors and or intricate folding. These days minimal designs are in!

5. New Product Packaging Technology

New technology can result in a wide range of success for your company. There may be new ways of printing, folding, designing or coloring packaging that could save you money. There also could be new options for designs through this technology as well that might be better suited for your products, especially if you need a custom size or shape made. The world of print is always evolving and new technology could be extremely beneficial!

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