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5 Tips for Better Direct Mail Pieces

Want to create awesome direct mail? You must always carefully consider the list, the message, and the call to action, but other factors make a highly effective mail piece, too. These include things like the trim size, shape, and texture of the piece. Let's look at five considerations for creating standout mail pieces.

1. Trim size. For the lowest possible postage cost, go with a standard 4" x 6" postcard. However, a nonstandard-sized card will stand out, and while it will cost more in postage, it is guaranteed to get noticed. It might even be the first piece they pick up. What's that worth?

2. Weight of the stock. Consumers tend to associate the weight of the stock used in the mailing with the brand's quality and, by extension, the product being marketed. Heavier stocks command respect and attention.

3. Texture and "feel" of the paper. In a sea of smooth envelopes, mailers with textured finishes get noticed. From high gloss and spot varnish to specialty processes, there are many options to choose from.

4. Personalized messaging. Even using someone's name on the front of a card will engage the recipient more than a static card. This extra level of engagement might only last for a split second, but sometimes, that is all you need.

5. Colored stock. Most mailers are printed on traditional white paper. When you print on a colored stock, it grabs attention. Use knock-out type, graphics, and images on dynamic backgrounds to get your mailer to jump out of the box. If your mailbox contains a sea of white envelopes and one bright red one with a white knock-out type, which one would you pick up first?

There are many ways to get your direct mailer to stand out from all of the others. Why not try something you have not tried before? You just might love the results!

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