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Best Practices for Great Data

When it comes to marketing, one channel doesn’t reign supreme. All channels work together, and the foundation beneath them is data. Data helps you create relevance, whether you are sending print or email, and is what ties the two channels together. Gather as much data about your audience as possible, regardless of channel, and this data will help make your message richer and more effective.

Here are some best practices to keep in mind:

1. Regularly cleanse and update your contact list. Did you know that nearly 25% of mailing addresses go out of date every year? Use the many tools available to keep your list current. Email requires that you do this more frequently than print since email addresses go out of date much faster.

2. Continually invest in new data to learn more about each recipient. It’s not just addresses that change. People do, too. They may be newly married or newly single; they change life stages, such as having children or entering retirement. Your list needs to keep up with them.

3. Segment your messaging to target your message to different customer groups better. Yes, personalization is an essential element of many marketing campaigns, but you can also create relevance by segmenting your message. Break your audience into buckets, such as “new moms,” “dog owners,” or “college graduates.”

4. Layer on as much personalization as possible. Whether it’s offering products based on a customer’s last purchase or setting a suggested donation level based on their giving history, personalize your message as much as you can. (Hint: This personalization doesn’t always have to be evident to the recipient.)

5. Integrate marketing channels like print, email, and mobile, so they work together. Use the strengths of each channel to boost the other. Sending a mail piece announcing a big sale? Blast an email teaser a few days before, telling them to keep an eye on their mailbox. Or send it a few days after the mailing window to remind them if they missed it.

Need more ideas? Just ask.

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